FullCircles is a Canadian network of local freecycling communities engaged in re-using and re-absorbing the excess unused, unwanted "stuff" generated by our overheated consumer society. Canadians striving for simpler, less cluttered lives.

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Our Mission

To reduce our individual and collective environmental footprints on our home, the Earth by actively, energetically and positively promoting values of sustainability and conservation of resources.  FULL CIRCLES offers education, opportunity, and venues for individuals and communities to learn, to interact, to collaborate and to take action.

Ecological footprint analysis measures the human demand on nature and compares human consumption of natural resources with the earth's ecological capacity to regenerate them.  It is an estimate of the amount of land area a human population, given prevailing technology, would need if the current resource consumption and pollution by the population is matched by the sustainable (renewable) resource production and waste assimilation by such a land area.

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