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Buy Nothing Kingston: Community Project encourages being neighbourly

Simply, charitable and neighbourly; that is the Buy Nothing Project.

Michelle Charbonneau, 33, administrator the Kingston Central Chapter of the Buy Nothing Project, in Kingston on Sunday. (Steph Crosier/The Whig-Standard)

Source: Community Project encourages being neighbourly | The Kingston Whig-Standard

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Ottawa’s Spring 2014 RRFM Volunteer Sign Up Day



Sign Up Day

Date:       Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Time:       9:30am

Location: St. Margaret’s Anglican Church
Side door; 206 Montreal Rd, Vanier ON

Volunteer Sign up / Open Media Day

What is a really really free market (RRFM)?  An RRFM market is a place where anyone, for any reason, can drop off any good reusable stuff they don’t want and/or take good reusable stuff they do want.  Everything is FREE… like a big pop-up department store except absolutely everything is absolutely free.

This Saturday we are holding an open planning/briefing forum and volunteer sign up day for Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market (ORRFM).  The ORRFM event, run successfully spring and fall since 2010, has grown to the size where we have recognized the need to create an official committee to plan and run the events.

Our site is being re-organized.  We are sponsored by FullCircles, Ottawa’s premiere online Freecycling community, and supported by St. Margaret’s Anglican Church,, UsedOttawa, Desjardins Group and hope to welcome even more members from the local Ottawa Community.

We have reorganized and we need team leaders.  We are adding more professional elements to the event as well as receiving further support from the local Vanier Community.

We would like to invite all local media, residents and community associations to attend.  Host Kelly Ann Wilson from FullCircles Ottawa, founder of Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market, would like to welcome all who would like information and to explain the concept of sustainability and how Free Markets benefit many in the local community as well as the entire city.

Father William Farley from St. Margaret’s Anglican Church and Lisa Higgs from Used Ottawa will be available to answer any questions that anyone may have about the event.  Both Father Farley and Lisa have become involved in the success of the market and represent the hosting community as well as the over all residents of the city.

Our volunteer Coordinator Lisa Latulip will sign up volunteers and take your information or, if you are unable to attend the meeting, you can e-mail to sign up privately or receive more information.

We would like to introduce the RRFM concept to the community and to increase community awareness of the kinds of stuff that can be redirected via the market to reduce recycling impact, and to increase our community’s GNH index (Gross National Happiness).

Freecycling creates a fun world of opportunity.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Kelly Wilson

Team FullCircles Ottawa

Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market.

(613) 699-1713

Visit our Facebook page –

FullCircles Ottawa, largest, most active 24/7/365 freecycling venue in the
Ottawa / Eastern Ontario / Western Quebec region with 11,400 members.


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Buy Nothing Barrhaven

Have you heard of the BUY NOTHING phenomena that is sweeping communities across North America?  Started in the USA just months ago, Buy Nothing is now starting up in Canada.  Check out and join our local Buy Nothing Barrhaven group on Facebook. It has just started and is a terrific way to share goods and services for free. It’s a Facebook group, so you must be a member of FB. (Barrhaven residents only please. Buy Nothing is a network of hyper-local communities)


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No Tree Hugging Required When You Buy Nothing!

Sustainability is creating a better lifestyle using the tools you have to provide the necessities. Just because its old to you, its new to me. If I can use it until its of no use anymore I just saved the world from the impact of recycling a perfectly usable item.

No item should be recycled if it has a use, a re-use or a way to re-direct or re-purpose it.




I’m Kelly and I live a sustainability lifestyle and that’s why I want you to understand that freecycling isn’t about the reason it’s about the positive impact.  There is no bad reason to freecycle.

Re-selling, re-purposing, re-directing or even profiting from items that have already been used is positive.  Is it rational to have to contribute to a tax base that makes you pay to dispose of items that can often be re-directed from both impacting the landfill as well as actual recycling impact?

I have been a facilitator with Full Circles Ottawa for almost 5 years. I own Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market. I admin on FREECYCLE Ottawa from behind the scenes and I teach everyone I meet how to live better without money.

I have been called everything from a beggar to a leach. I have been accused of being a dreaded reseller. Of profiting from donations, of cheating charity, of greed. To date no one has used the system as extensively as I have and I have proven that all of these accusations are ridiculous because I am one of the people unafraid to sell free.

I see nothing wrong with using what you call refuse to make my life better. I look forward to your trash and I ask when I truly need something and offer when I have unused items. I will drag home stuff to give away so that it won’t be wasted. That is called sustainability.

If you start a business, from the world of free comes opportunity. Why create debt when you can freecycle everything from a computer to a desk chair and the plastic you need to put the chair on.

Why pay a city to recycle what they get paid to sell after they charge you a processing fee? Why upgrade when you can use a device until it dies? Why purchase cheap products when there are better manufactured products that are more efficient and last longer?  Why throw out good food just because you don’t like it or won’t eat it? Why purchase from dollar stores when you can find much of what you need on the side of the road?

Why do you spend money? You spend money because that is what society wants you to do. Wouldn’t you rather have all that you need and spend your money on the things that bring you genuine comfort?

From Freecycling my next adventure is to BUY NOTHING…if you think that’s greed, watch what I save the world from over the next few projects…you might be surprised at what you can do to save money, save the planet, no matter the reason, when you buy nothing you save EVERYTHING!

It’s time to look at all that stuff and say NO!  I WILL BUY NOTHING!  Not when I can get it for the lower cost of free.  You just saved the world and no tree hugging was required.

Kelly Wilson
Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market
Full Circles Ottawa
via 45 Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market Group

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EARTH TO HUMANS: Is clutter clogging your living spaces?

When’s the last time you did a walkaround audit of your home checking
for accumulated clutter?  It gradually builds up.  You know that! It
seems to just grow like hair or fingernails.  And, like hair or fingernails,
we need to do regular maintenance… regular “pruning”.

Watch the FullCircles Icebreaker Video

You can STOP and maybe even reverse the inevitable build-up of
clutter in your home!

First, watch this little slide show that we created (*length 3-4 min.):

The images are powerful.  They may just inspire you to take action!

As you watch, keep in mind that the pictures are not from the ship
that sank, but from the coastguard vessel that tried to save it. So,
imagine the load of build-up on the “El Loda” before it finally sank!

Now take a walk around your own ship… your home. See just how
much build-up of clutter you’re carrying.  Observe how much was
added by Christmas; the end of winter; spring start up; summer.
Is your ship starting to sink from that heavy build-up?

Now’s a good time to ‘unload’ some of it.  De-ice… chip it away!

In fact, NOW is the PERFECT time to lighten your load…

Too good to throw away? Don’t just tuck that unused stuff away out
of sight for a rainy day!

$ell… give away… freecycle your surplus (your “ice”);  Get that
ice out of the house NOW… before it justs end up stashed away
somewhere out of sight, becoming hidden “ice” on YOUR ship.

And, mark your calendar.  Why not make this an annual “End
of Summer” ritual.

Challenge yourself to lose 200 pounds this weekend.  What a
huge personal accomplishment that would be.

And remember… patience…  It’s not all going to sell; you won’t even
be able to give it all away instantly.  But, it will happen.  Just have
patience.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

And, have fun too!

Eric “Gub” Snyder
+1 613 688 1570

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Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market & Used Everywhere Partner to Take Good Stuff Out of the Trash!

I am thrilled to announce that Full Circles 6th bi-annual Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market is officially partnering with Used Everywhere to take freecycling further out of the box!

As the creator of Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market, I asked the Full Circles team to allow me to create a truly money free event that was cost  free, right down to the insurance and permit protection we needed.

We worked hard to find ways to insure the safety of the public and to operate within the acceptable limits of City legislation.  Taking any kind of monetary donation to purchase items for the market having come this far would compromise all we have done to ensure that the Full Circles ORRFM is really really free!

In Fact, Full Circles-ORRFM has not spent one dime since its inception.  Not for a location, transportation, tables, photocopies, insurance or even an event permit!

Full Circles-Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market has entered into a contract with Used Everywhere accepting in kind trade for tangible items the market needed that are permanent, reusable as well as feasible and timely.  Used Everywhere is providing us with a much needed market banner, direction signs, volunteer shirts and advertising!

Not one penny will pass between the two groups!

Used Everywhere will be at this years spring market to launch the social media tag #ShouldaUsed using Instagram and Twitter.  Depending on the city your in your tag will indicate which city, a general location and a pic.  You can meet the Used Ottawa Team and get on board to help both Full Circles and Used Everywhere take freecycling to even more people.

Full Circles and Used Everywhere hope to encourage people everywhere who see good usable items on the “curbside” to take that good item that for some reason someone put in the trash!   Maybe you don’t want or need it but you realize that this item should not be going to the garbage.  Take the opportunity to earn your wings!  There’s a free treasure sitting on the side of the road and you could be the hero that saves the world with a pic, a hash tag and a post, its just that easy.

Coast to coast, city to city good usable items are being put in landfills instead of being used.  Full Circles and Used Everywhere want you to know that your garbage is gold and if you spent the energy to carry a good usable item to the curb you #ShouldaUsedOttawa or at the very least you #CouldaUsedFCO.  What’s a few key strokes vs. carrying it to the curb?    You know its free to post an add on Used Everywhere don’t you?

Just because its old and ugly doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t want it.  The only stigma attached to the item that you can use and don’t give away for free is the one you attached to that item.  You don’t have to join a freecycling venue you can freecycle outside the box.  If your not into memberships, you #ShouldaUsedOttawa and not the curb!

The word “freecycle” is tainted by the belief that if there is money involved its better off put in the garbage.  There are so many ways to save this planet personally without ever hugging a tree.  Picking up the item you need on the curb doesn’t make you a cretin.  You now have created a better lifestyle, put a few bucks in your own pocked and saved the landfill from an item that isn’t garbage.  No more keeping up with the Jones, the grass is just as green on your side of the fence.

Why not pay it forward?   Used Everywhere is giving you an opportunity to earn your wings with a random act of freecycling kindness as well as doing right by the environment.  If you can’t use it but you can take a pic and post it then tag it so everyone knows that because someone else #ShouldaUsedOttawa  or #CouldaUsedFCO another person can get something they want or need and its free!

Freecycling groups like Full Circles, ReUseit, and Freecycle are closed communities offering you a different way to get what you want or to give away what you don’t need.  These venues offer you privacy and the ability to exercise freedom of choice for where the gift you offer goes.

Free user friendly services like UsedEverywhere give you a larger market to pass on an item that still has monetary value in society for those who want to be part of the upgrade crowd but aren’t able to afford who they “wannabe”.  In the end the same service that made you realize that the item didn’t have value can also offer you a venue to still have that item taken and used instead of walking it to the trash just change the value to free!

Remember that you can give items away on all of these online services but the one thing that Full Circles Ottawa and Used Everywhere want you to know is that even if you ignore us, the least you could do is separate that good item you put on the curb and put a sign on it that says… FREE!

If your the person with too much stuff who thinks that because you don’t use it that its garbage you #ShouldaUsedOttawa or you #CouldaUsedFCO…we now have a way to use self directed diversion simply by using social media.

Thanks to Used Everywhere, freecycling for Full Circles Network members is even further out of the box.

Meet the Used Everywhere Media Team at Full Circles-Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market.


8 A.M.  June 8, 2013

206 Montreal Road

Free eWaste on Site provided by certified OES collector RD Long Computers.

I am Kelly Ann Wilson creator of Full Circles Ottawa’s Really Really Free Market and I believe that there is so much stuff that whether you purchase it second hand or are given it for free that you are saving the world from one more manufactured item.




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