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Upcycling: Classroom trailers into modular homes

Home schooling: Firm upcycles classroom trailers into modular homes | MNN – Mother Nature Network

a portable classroom

Ahhh … the humble schoolyard portable…. morphed.

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Ever heard of “poticrete”?

Old Toilets Put City on Greenroads Path « Environmental News Bits

What do you do with 5 tons of old toilets? The city of Bellingham, Wash., found a creative (and sustainable) answer: Make sidewalk.

A section of a sidewalk installed as part of a road improvement project replaces conventional concrete with so-called “poticrete,” which contains crushed porcelain instead of gravel.

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Creative Uses For Old Calendars – Calendar Upcycling

Creative Uses For Old Calendars – Calendar Upcycling | One Day at a Time.






Don’t throw those old 2011 calendars out just yet.

In these financially tough times here are some great ideas for those well used calendars.

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Less Waste Using the Ice Cube Method


Image by newrambler via Flickr

Here’s a great waste reducing tip from Mary, “Everyday Cheapskate”, published on Aug 31, 2011.

I am embarrassed to admit how often I throw out perfectly good food, simply because it doesn’t appear to be enough for any good purpose. Take tomato paste, for example. Often a recipe will call for less than a full can. So what do I do with the last few tablespoons of paste, or the half-can of sweet corn, or the rest of so many other ingredients that appear to be useless? I throw it out. Today’s first tipster has challenged me to change my ways. I’m getting a stack of ice cube trays, and I’m going to put them to good use…

Great tip!  Now the challenge is how to store these cubes in a way such that they can actually be found once filed away in the freezer.

Eric “Gub” Snyder


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Bright Idea: Coupons you can’t use


Got some valuable coupons for huggies, or kids clothes, or something else you can’t use?  One of our members recently tried freecycling them but got no response.
No worries!  Don’t toss them in the black bin.  Try this!
Next time you go shopping, take your unwanted coupons with you.  Then, leave them on the shelf right next to the product so they will be noticed.   Someone who is actually going to buy the product will pick them up and use them.
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Dogs just love old tennis balls!

They might not be good enough to use for tennis any more, but dogs will love them!  Don’t throw them away; offer them up on FullCircles.

Back in Oct/07, I gave away 11 old tennis balls and a mini-soccer ball to a nice lady named Elaine.  She was kind enough to send me some pictures of her dogs, Buddy, Apollo and Lucy, playing with the balls!

Buddy and Apollo (the white Great Pyrenees guy in the back)

Cody in his favorite chair.

Lucy – likes the same chair as Cody

Cody landing after scaling the fence

Lucy waiting for the ball to be thrown

Cody with the ball, and Emily

Lucy underwater; Buddy with the ball

Lucy, Buddy and Apollo cooling down after playtime


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