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Frugal Parenting: Some great advice for new parents / parents to be


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I recently learned that I’m going to be a great uncle once again.  I was thinking that my nephew could probably use some advice and assistance on frugal parenting.  An addition to his household is going to add a financial burden for sure.  To reduce the financial burden, at the same time as increasing the family’s capacity to support the new family member, it seems to me that he needs to learn about freecycling and about living “The Compact” life style.

I found some great advice from a new Mother on “The Compact“, a Yahoo!group community of people committed to a 12 month flight from the consumer grid.  Shopping on FullCircles and Freecycle groups for baby stuff can save a family tons of money… money that can be used for other things.

The advice has been extracted and forms the content for a FullCircles newsletter entitled, “Having a Compacty Baby”.  The new Mom provides advice on breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapers, buying used, “wearing” your baby, telling others about your compacty preferences.

Here’s the newsletter: “Having a Compacty Baby“.


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