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Offer: Household donations for someone starting out

Offer: Household Donations – Please See List.

Here’s an unusual offer from Sandy on FullCircles Ottawa.  She, her friends and neighbours have banded together to collect an assortment of “stuff” that someone just setting up a household would find very useful – a big time and money saver!

Here are a few thoughts of prospects for this collection:

  1. Student setting up household for a term
  2. There are two or three different organizations I”m aware of that help recent refugee families get set up.
  3. Red Cross team providing assistance to fire victims
  4. A newly wed couple

Can you think of other prospects for a collection of “stuff” like this?  Why not make a suggestion in the comments field below.

Thanks, Sandy for the great idea!

Eric Snyder
Team FullCircles Ottawa


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