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Shareable: The Sordid Present and Bright Future of Freecycling

The Sordid Present and Bright Future of Freecycling

via Shareable: The Sordid Present and Bright Future of Freecycling.

David Rogelberg ( and I ( were interviewed for this recently published story by freelancer, Cat Johnson on

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Find Recycling Centers in Your Neighbourhood and Learn How To Recycle

International Recycle Symbol
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If you can’t use it, freecycle it!

If you can’t freecycle it, recycle it!

Here’s a really useful tool from Earth 911 which will help you find recycling depots near you! – Find Recycling Centers and Learn How To Recycle.

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Sunday, June 19th: Father’s Day 2011

Hi Freecycling fans:

Sunday is Father’s Day!
Make this one a…

‘BUY NOTHING’ Father’s Day

Here are some gifting ideas from Eric ‘Gub” Snyder that you
can use.

NO MONEY REQUIRED — not one solitary cent!

As a gift to Dad, tell him about FullCircles. Show him how it
can make his life simpler, easier, and less cluttered. Then, lead
the way! Declutter your room. Ask Dad to give you a hand
to ‘gift’ your surplus”stuff on FullCircles. He’ll be tickled pink with
this Father’s Day gift.

Also you can search the archives for the perfect Father’s day
gift for Dad… one that won’t break the piggybank :) eg. golf
magazines or fishing rod.  And, he’ll appreciate the effort and
the thoughtfulness.

If you are a father, tell your children about FullCircles. Ask
them, as a little Father’s Day gift to you, to develop the habit of
regularly giving away all that stuff they are tired of that is just
multiplying in their rooms; starting TODAY! You’ll both be happier
to see all that unused stuff go! The kids will develop life-long giving
habits and awareness, and they won’t have to blow their entire
allowance on your Father’s Day gifts.

Hey, Moms, you too! How about promising Dad to help him
declutter that basement, garage, workshop! That’s a great
Father’s Day gift too!

Shop FullCircles! Find him find some shelves or bins on to
help him organize his stuff.  Baby food jars make great jars
for holding screws etc.

If we pitch in together to reduce our ecological footprint, we
can help sustain “Mother [Father??] Earth” as a clean, simple,
wonderful place to live for many generations to come!

But, above all, have fun on Father’s Day…

By Eric G. Snyder
(Permission granted to ANYONE to borrow,
copy, use, adapt this message for use on any FullCircles,
ReUseIt, Freecycle or freecycle-like group anywhere.
Just be sure to acknowledge the source.)


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Wallsend U.K.: Another wedding with Freecycle

 Lyndsey McPartland and David Brierley, from Wallsend, who are hoping people will donate items for their reception

A THRIFTY Wallsend, U.K. couple are hoping to prove the best things in life are free with a DIY wedding.

Lyndsey McPartland and David Brierley are getting hitched next year and want to keep their budget down.

Read More Wallsend couple get wedding with Freecycle – Chronicle News


There’s a really interesting comment on the article by ALF2…  Here’s a quote:


5:02 PM on May 25, 2011

“good luck to ’em. I hope they have a wonderful day, and well done for trying to beat the system.  Weddings are a total rip off that leave people in dire straits spending money they don’t have.  Having a laugh with familes in a relaxed setting is all you really need.  Wish I was going…”

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Gub’s Freecycling Playlist

Gub’s YouTube Freecycling Playlist

Collection of 45 YouTube videos related to the topic of Freecycling.


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Freecycling comes to Facebook Marketplace: Introducing FreeCircles

FREECircles on Facebook

Powered by Marketplace


What’s a FreeCircle?

Every year millions of tons of great stuff ends up in landfills. A FreeCircle connects someone who has something to give away with a thankful neighbor who wants to give that something a new home. Join your local FreeCircle!

Read more…

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